Media Use Coded Words For Elizabeth Warren: “Strident” “Off-putting” “Shrieking”

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/06/2012

Pundits who don't like Elizabeth Warren use coded language for "she's a woman we don't like who is talking." Emphasis on "woman." Read more »

Chicago Sun Times Asks Whether Woman Can Be Parent AND Candidate

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/06/2012

Chicago Sun-Times reporters speculated whether Lisa Madigan would be capable of balancing being a governor and a mother. In the meantime, Paul Ryan has yet to be asked how he plans to raise all three of his kids while also holding the second most powerful position in the nation. Read more »

Now Howie Carr Is Concerned About Sexist Remarks?

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/04/2012

Howie Carr is worried about entrenched gendered stereotypes which is why he talks about how masculine men are. Read more »

Media Says Feisty, Emotional Women Competed for Attention at RNC

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 08/31/2012

According to some in the media the week of the RNC is was an "emotional" cat-fight amongst high school girls.  Read more »

The Notable Lack of Paul Ryan Porn

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 08/29/2012

So far there's no porn movies with a Paul Ryan lookalike. This is quite a change from how the VP nominee in 2008 was treated.  Read more »

Get Back On the Horse. Unless You’re a Woman.

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 08/29/2012

So when men run and lose, it’s “worth it.” When women run and lose, it’s “discouraging.” Seems kinda sexist, no? Read more »

Huffington Post: Whose Sweat Doesn’t Stink?

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 08/17/2012

A lovely profile about Hillary Clinton's work will inevitably to "Hillz Don't Sweat" (literally).  Read more »

BuzzFeed A-Blaze about Elizabeth Warren’s Jacket

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 08/16/2012

BuzzFeed’s subtle sexism is more interesting than Elizabeth Warren’s clothing. Read more »

Warren(t)ed Bad Media Coverage?

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 08/10/2012

Elizabeth Warren elicits an array of sexist media coverage this week.  Read more »

Open-Mouthed Shock at Sexism in Huffington Post’s Clinton Caption Contest

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 08/09/2012

When the Huffington Post asked readers to caption a photo of Hillary Clinton the results shouldn't shock anyone.  Read more »

Does the Boston Herald Just Not Like the Name Elizabeth?

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 08/06/2012

Women beware: if you plan to run for office in Massachusetts your name should probably not be Elizabeth unless you prefer to be called Liz or Lizzy. Read more »

Could Sexism Be A Good Thing?

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 08/03/2012

In a recent article calling out the Boston Herald for their sexist attacks on Elizabeth Warren, The Nation's Greg Mitchell wonders whether this ongoing sexist battle might not be a good thing for the Warren campaign. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Read more »

Boston Herald’s Front Page Calls Elizabeth Warren “Granny”

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/31/2012

The front page of the Boston Herald calls Elizabeth Warren "granny." Will other media let such sexism go unnoticed? Read more »

French Parliament Observes “Cat Call & Wolf Whistle” Tuesdays

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/20/2012

 Read more »

Parody: Balancing Home, Hair, and High Aspirations

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/20/2012

If the media wrote about male candidates the same they wrote about female candidates, it might look a little something like this. Read more »

Sexism Can Get A Little Hairy

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/19/2012

Democratic Party chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz partook in an interview with Howie Kurtz of the Daily Beast on Wednesday to discuss Mitt Romney’s campaign. We’re going to go out on a limb and assume she had absolutely no intention of discussing her hair. Read more »

Ladies of Politics, Prepare to Be Judged!

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/19/2012

A blogger fond of posting at The Washington Times feels he's ready to draft a "10 Ugliest Women in Politics" list. Feminists, mock him at your peril! Read more »

Is Sexism Ever Edgy?

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/19/2012

Steven Nelson’s recent article for the Daily Caller took a look at some curious expense report items for Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, D – Conn., and other members of Congress.  Read more »

It’s Roys’ Party, And She’ll Run If She Wants To

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/17/2012

A law degree from a consistently ranked Top 35 law school, four years of leadership in a division of a nationally renowned non-profit organization and three years serving in public office—many would call that an impressive resume, but Wisconsin State Assemblyman Mark Pocan apparently would not. Read more »

Kirsten Gillibrand: More Than Just A Pretty Face

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/17/2012

In a recent Huffington Post New York article, blogger Daniel Collins cited some questionable grounds for U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s, D - N.Y., expected shoe-in victory against challenger Wendy Long. Read more »

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