Having it all—a gendered compliment or sexism with a swipe of lipstick?

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/16/2012

City and State has fallen victim to blatant sexism in their recent piece on U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, D - N.Y.  Read more »

No More Scrunchie Time

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/16/2012

Last week, a prominent U.S. leader was in Cambodia to discuss women’s empowerment. What issues were discussed in Cambodia? No one knows, because the Huffington Post chose to write a story about Hillary Clinton’s fashion choices instead. Read more »

Satire: If the Media Covered Male Candidates Like Women

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/13/2012

If male candidates were covered like women what would the stories about them look like? Read more »

Councilwoman Washington: “I will not accept misogyny”

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/12/2012

Male politicians from Michigan have been in the hot seat this summer…and not because of Global Warming. Apparently Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero learned absolutely nothing from the whole "vagina" fiasco. This past week, during a council meeting, he referred to Councilwoman Jody Washington was “Eric Hewitt in drag.” Hewitt was a one-term former councilmember, who had what M Live describes as “an acrimonious relationship” with Bernero. Read more »

Zainab Al-Suwaij Does More than Wear Make-Up & Perfume

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/11/2012

The Washington Post writes a great profile of an important woman and the first thing they mention is her make-up and perfume. Read more »

Pat Buchanan Hopes Women Are Never Elected President

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/11/2012

Pat Buchanan brought out him "women are inferior" schtick one more time. Shouldn't such behavior get his booted off respectable TV? Read more »

Study Shows In 2008 Media Treated Palin Differently Than Biden

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/11/2012

A new study but two University of Wisconsin researchers demonstrates that that Sarah Palin was treated differently in the media than her Democratic counterpart. Read more »

Sarah Steelman’s Political Experience Isn’t a Family Matter

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/09/2012

Missouri Senate candidate Sarah Steelman has 14 years of political experience under her belt—yet somehow, her husband is getting the credit.  Read more »

Melissa Harris-Perry: Could 2012 Be the Year of the Woman?

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/09/2012

On her Sunday show Melissa Harris-Perry breaks down the sad statistics of women’s general lack of representation in Congress, but could things be improving in 2012? Read more »

Stereotypes Are So Last Season

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/06/2012

There is a pretty fantastic article on about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, in a throwaway line at the beginning of the article, Ms. Carlson asks, “Will the blond flip and sunglasses be Hillary Clinton’s last fashion statement?”  Read more »

Well…He Did it Again

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/05/2012

On Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh was talking about the Supreme Court’s upholding of President Obama’s signature Affordable Care Act on his show. One man called in to complain that voting should not be in the hands of 18 year olds. Limbaugh responded saying, “When women got the right to vote, that’s when it all went downhill. Because that’s when votes started being cast with emotion and maternal instincts that government ought to reflect.” Read more »

She’s Beauty and She’s Grace, She… Just Might Be Intelligent, Too

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/03/2012

In an article on, titled Here She Comes, Miss (Elected) America, Hilary Levey Friedman appears to be astounded that a former pageant contestant could ever be competent enough for politics.  Read more »

McMahon has Money, So What?

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/03/2012

When Linda McMahon, known for her career in developing the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), spent $50 million on her own campaign for U.S. Senator in 2010, one blogger said “[w]hy would anyone spend $100 million to win a job that pays $174,000 a year?” Terry Cowgill, the blogger, went on to say, “If I had to guess, I’d say she’s bored. After all, how many beautiful-people cocktail parties can you attend in Greenwich without eyeing an upgrade to Georgetown?” That's just plain sexist. Read more »

Mia Love: Running for Congress, Not In A 5K

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 06/29/2012

For some reason the media thinks Mia Love's role as a fitness instructor is the highlight of her resume.  Read more »

Ann Coulter Should Read The Vagina Monologues

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 06/22/2012

Ann Coulter says Michigan legislator Lisa Brown isn't protesting a bill, instead she really claiming to be an object of desire to her Republican male colleagues. Read more »

Extra Muddy Mud-Slinging

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 06/22/2012

The consequences that female candidates pay when their integrity is questioned are much more severe than their male counterparts'. Read more »

Calling It Sexism Isn’t “Whining”

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 06/21/2012

Megan McCain recently interviewed Congresswoman Michele Bachmann for The Daily Beast and got her thoughts on sexism in politics and Presidential election. Bachmann gave some insight into her experience campaigning and the gender-barriers she faced. Read more »

Hair is NOT Breaking News

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 06/21/2012

Superb. More insightful journalism focusing on the Secretary of State. Read more »

Don’t Blame Palin

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 06/21/2012

Rumors about who will jump on the Romney train as his political partner-in-crime have begun to circulate through the media. Many agree the main woman candidate under consideration is U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H. but with little federal experience, her nomination isn’t considered all that likely. Read more »

A Conundrum: Once Elected Can Women Stay?

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 06/13/2012

It seems incumbency doesn’t give women elected to Congress the same job protection it does for men. Read more »

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