Calling Pelosi “Princess Nancy” Isn’t Just Bad Politics

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 11/10/2011

It?s good to know at least a couple of Republican commentators know that calling woman Speaker of the House ?Princess? is below the belt. Read more »

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 11/08/2011

Women’s eNews had a great, thought provoking article today about the sexist double standard in politics. For as long as anyone can remember, women have always faced sexism in the media, especially when it comes to politics.  Read more »

The Simple-Minded at

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 11/08/2011

Really,, really? “The 50 Hottest Women in Politics” list? Your sexist coverage of women in politics is really reprehensible. For a magazine that claims to cater to the “style-makers and trend-spreaders through its uniquely credible and authentic viewpoint,” we really could not be more disappointed. Read more »

Knock it Off, Huffington Post

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 11/08/2011

The Huffington Post is at it again. Yesterday, style editor Ellie Krupnick posted yet another article dissecting Rep. Bachmann’s sartorial choices—this time, pointing out the fact that Bachmann has worn the same suit more than once during her campaign.  Read more »

Face the Facts: Botox Has Nothing to do with Politics

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 11/02/2011

Housekeeping, hairdos and Botox – this is what the Washington Examiner writes about when it comes to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. Read more »

Exercise Some Caution When Using Zombie Metaphors

Posted by support on 11/01/2011

Note: Michele Bachmann is not actually a Zombie. Please don't talk about shooting her.  Read more »

Hollywood Reporter Calls Elizabeth Warren New “It Girl”

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 10/28/2011

Last week, the Hollywood Reporter’s Tina Daunt wrote an article about Los Angeles heavyweights like Barbara Streisand and Norman Lear are throwing their support behind Massachusetts senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren. Unfortunately, Daunt’s lead was just plain sexist. Read more »

Is The Daily Show Balancing Out the “Crazy” Double Standard Or Making It Worse?

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 10/28/2011

Is Jon Stewart leveling out the imbalance between the crazy double-standard for female political candidates or just contributing to it? Read more »

Sexism & Scrunchies

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 10/26/2011

Yesterday Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Peruvian Prime Minister Salomon Lerner. Instead of focusing on diplomatic issues between Peru and the United States, the Huffington Post created a poll to gage how readers are “feeling (about) the Hillary scrunchie.” Read more »

The Daily Beast: Only Women Talk About Their Grandchildren

Posted by support on 10/26/2011

Apparently Elizabeth Warren can't talk about her grandchildren unless she's doing it to "playing up her femininity?" What?  Read more »

Public Enemy No.1: Sexism

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 10/26/2011

It doesn't matter what women working in the State Capitol wear to work. The Inquirer could be focusing on more relevant issues. Instead the paper is focusing women's on women's footwear.  Read more »

The “Crazy” Double Standard

Posted by support on 10/25/2011

When men say something “crazy,” then they have “crazy” opinions. So how come when women say something “crazy,” they are inherently crazy? Read more »

Hey Daily Show: If It’s Sexist for Newsweek to call Bachmann Crazy, Why Can You?

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 10/21/2011

On Wednesday's The Daily Show Jon Stewart called Michele Bachmann "crazy." Hey Stewart, if it's sexist for Newsweek to do it, why isn't it sexist for you? Read more »

Post-Debate Roundup: It’s Bachmann in White?

Posted by support on 10/19/2011

Scanning media coverage of last night’s GOP debate readers would find out that Herman Cain bungled some responses, Mitt Romney lost his cool, Rick Perry extolled our founding fathers, and Michele Bachmann wore a white military-style jacket. What? Read more »

It’s Not Men Who Have a Problem With Warren, It’s Banks

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 10/18/2011

Columnist equates Warren's problems with bankers as having a "problem with men." Read more »

Clothes Don’t Make the Woman

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 10/14/2011

U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren (MA) participated in her first political debate last Tuesday. At a time when most Americans are concerned with important issues such as the economy, trade deficits, unemployment, and the war in Afghanistan, it seems Reuters is more concerned with Elizabeth Warren’s ensemble. Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Name It. Change It. Calls Out Sexist Calgary Herald Editorial

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 10/13/2011

Another day, another disappointing incident of sexism against an elected official in Canada. On Saturday, the Calgary Herald wrote an editorial criticizing British Columbia Premier Christy Clark’s attire at a recent legislative session, and cautioned other women politicians in Canada to “dress conservatively to show respect for the position.”  Read more »

Miami Herald Highlights Candidates’ Personal Lives, Not Professional Credentials

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 10/11/2011

Last week, the Miami Herald published an article about the upcoming race for Miami’s District 2 Commissioner, in which four candidates are challenging incumbent Commissioner Marc Sarnoff. Author Charles Rabin gives brief backgrounds on each of the challengers—but instead of focusing on their professional qualifications for the position, he highlights their personal lives instead.  Read more »

Sexism is No Better in Canada

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 10/11/2011

Rathika Sitsabaiesan, a Minister of Parliament representing Scarborough-Rouge River in Ontario, was the target of media sexism when photo-editing to her official parliamentary photo became the subject of international media attention. In the official photo that appeared on the Parliament’s website, Sitsabaiesan’s cleavage had been edited out of the photo. Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Name It. Change It. Responds to Sexist Newsweek Coverage of Michele Bachmann

Posted by support on 08/15/2011

Read Name It. Change It.'s recent Letter to the Editor of Newsweek in response to their sexist August 15th coverage of Michele Bachmann. Sexism against a female candidate -- regardless of her political views -- hurts all women, and Name It. Change It. will be monitoring to and responding to attacks of this kind as the 2012 election season ramps up.  Read more »

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