Name It. Change It.‘s New Research Explained By Stick Figures

Name It. Change It.‘s New Research Explained By Stick Figures

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 04/08/2013

Name It. Change It. has just released two new studies that demonstrate the gender-based challenges women face from the media when they run for office. Here is our studies explained in a handy infographic! Read more »

Name It. Change It. Releases New Research on Appearance Coverage of Women & Campaign Simulation

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 04/08/2013

Name It. Change It. releases two research surveys studying the impacts of appearance-based media coverage on women candidates and a campaign simulation that measures the impact of sexism. Read more »

Sexism in Omaha Politics

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 04/01/2013

While the lone female candidate for mayor in Omaha is featured "stripping" in a t-shirt and a female state senator is called the c-word by a political consultant and Omaha media reacts to the firestorm. Read more »

Heck Ya That New York Times Article About Christine Quinn Was Sexist

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 03/27/2013

New York Mayoral candidate Christine Quinn says the F-word a lot and the Times is on it! Read more »

Chicago Tribune Cartoonist Draws 46-Year-Old Lisa Madigan As Little Girl

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 03/13/2013

Lisa Madigan is many things. She’s a three-time elected attorney general for the state of Illinois. She’s a 46-year-old woman. What she is not is a little girl being lead around by her father. Read more »

The New Media-Driven Narrative: Now We Are Talking About Ashley Judd’s Nudity

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 03/05/2013

The media creates the narratives that frame the debate. Which is why it's disturbing we are now having a "debate" whether Ashley Judd's past film career will hurt. No one was asking this question until The Daily Caller brought it up. Read more »

Daily Caller Tries to Slut-Shame Ashley Judd Into Not Running

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 03/04/2013

Just in case Ashley Judd runs for office The Daily Caller wants readers to know: she's done nude scenes. Which they helpfully spell out in detail.  Read more »

Makin’ Me Blue, Berry

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 02/21/2013

Here’s a little known fact about Texas’ 740 KTRH radio personality Michael Berry, he’s an avid fashionista! Earlier this week, Berry took it upon himself to start a betting pool, encouraging fans and Congressmen alike (props for participating, Rep. Steve Stockman…not.) to guess the color suit Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Tex, would wear to the State of the Union address. Read more »

There’s Sexism in Canada, and a Blogger to Call It Out

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 02/19/2013

A British Columbia woman started a blog to catalogue the sexist tweets and comments about Canadian's female elected officials. Read more »

Ignoring Sexism In Politics Doesn’t Eliminate It

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 02/14/2013

Instructing women how to “behave” so they can be successful leaders is a form of sexism—and it’s one we often forget about. Granted, tips on how to be successful for any individual are useful and have a place. But, it’s those female-focused tips that can sometimes do more damage than good. Read more »

Calling Ashley Judd “Attractive” Isn’t Working, Rand Paul

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 02/12/2013

Will someone please tell Rand Paul that Ashley Judd could be an actual contender for U.S. Senate and not a piece of meat? I mean, really. When asked about the possibility of Judd running for a U.S. Senate seat in Kentucky, Paul responded by saying: “Ashley Judd’s a famous actress. She’s an attractive woman, presents herself well and from what I understand is articulate," Paul said. "But the thing is, she doesn’t really represent Kentucky.”  Read more »

Vote For Colbert Busch Because Her Brother Is Famous!

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 02/11/2013

Aside from running for a seat in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District, Elizabeth Colbert Busch is a heavy hitter in the South Carolina business community. Just a few of her titles include Director of Business Development at Clemson University’s Restoration Institute, Director of Sales and Marketing Clemson’s Wind Turbine Drivetrain Testing Facility, and founder of the Executive Board of Directors of Charleston Women in International Trade. Read more »

Glenn Beck; “Commander-in-Chief not Chick-in-Chief”

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 02/08/2013

In an interview before Sunday night’s Super Bowl, President Obama was asked if he’d let his son play football (if you know, he had a son). The President responded that he’d have to think about it given safety concerns associated with the sport. Good parenting, right? Considering your child’s safety seems like a (generally speaking) legitimate concern for any parent—male or female. Read more »

Fox and Friends Steve Doocy’s Snide Remark about Clinton’s Face

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 02/06/2013

Fox and Friends Steve Doocy tries to make a funny about Hillary Clinton.  Read more »

Fashionable Nydia Barbie—Oh, I mean Congresswoman Velazquez

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 01/31/2013

You’re off to a bad start when “fashionable” is included in the title of an article on Congresswoman Velazquez’s 11th Congressional inauguration. However, it’s not just the word “fashionable” that makes the title cringe-worthy. In its entirety, the title reads “Fashionable Nydia inaugurated with love.” Ew. I mean take away the “inaugurated,” and this sounds like the name of the newest line of Barbies to hit Toys-R-Us.  Read more »

Hillary? Pissed? Maybe Not, But We Are

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 01/24/2013

This morning, the New York Post (okay, so we’re used to infuriating and sexist covers from them), posted a photo of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shaking her fists in a fit of rage (or so they’d like it to seem). While the photo is bad enough, they just had to make the point with the caption, “No Wonder Bill’s Afraid.” The subtitle is even more ridiculous with its hyperbole of Hillary’s testimony: “Hillary explodes with rage at Benghazi hearing.”  Read more »

Ashley Judd Is Running For…Who Cares! Look At That Dress!

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 01/23/2013

It's widely rumored that Ashley Judd will be running for a U.S. Senate seat in Kentucky in the midterm elections. And what do potential candidates do when considering running for office? Mingle with other politicians, meet with their future constituents, and share their thoughts on political issues, right? Read more »

Washington Post Reporter Is Amazed When Kyrsten Sinema Doesn’t Like His Labels

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 01/03/2013

Washington Post reporter Manuel Roig-Franzia has a lot of labels to apply to newly elected Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, most of them patently offensive.  Read more »

Why, Barbara? Why?

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 12/17/2012

When Barbara Walters sat down for an interview with Hillary Clinton after picking her as one of the “10 Most Interesting People of 2012,” audiences across the country might have expected an insightful dialogue between two of the most influential women in the country. Read more »

Less Gender Bias or Less Media Coverage Overall?

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 11/27/2012

A new study of newspaper coverage 2010 House races found little gender bias. Is there less bias or just less newspaper reporting on House races? Read more »

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