Palin 2016; Because She’s Hot

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 11/19/2012

In an Op-Ed piece published in the Los Angeles Times, Charlotte Allen suggests that Sarah Palin would be the perfect presidential candidate in 2016. According to Allen, Palin is the “cure” for the GOP. Why, you ask? Because Palin has it all: “She's hot, she's blue collar, she's electable.” Read more »

Nancy’s Not Outdated, Your Questions Are

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 11/14/2012

NBC reporter Luke Russert wasted no time serving up the ageism with a side of sexism, asking Pelosi if she thought the House Democratic Leadership is too old. She firmly responded, “The answer is no.” And the fact she did so sans eye-rolling is a feat all on its own. Read more »

“Sexy Arms” = Sexist Coverage

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 11/14/2012

Columnist Frank Bruni of the New York Times deserves huge praise. In today’s paper, he’s called out fellow journalists—including those from the Daily Beast, the Washington Post, and Business Insider—for “reverting to clichés that should be retired and indulging in a sexism we like to think we’ve moved past. Read more »

Read Name It. Change It.’s Sexist Media Awards and 2012 Election Report

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 11/12/2012

Our 2012 Election Report and our “Winners” for Most Sexist Media Coverage of Women Candidates and Politicians. Read more »

Bill O’Reilly Tries to Understand Lady Voters

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 11/02/2012

Fox News Bill O'Reilly is on the intrepid path to understand the single female voter! Read more »

Seattle PI Attempts a Political Metaphor in Maria Cantwell’s Clothes

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 10/26/2012

Joel Connelly looks for political wisdom in Maria Cantwell's clothes.  Read more »

Sweating Like What Now?

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 10/24/2012

It's time to retire the cliche "sweating like a whore in church" especially in political references. Read more »

Washington Times Columnist: Baldwin is “Barney Frank in a dress.“

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 10/19/2012

Washington Times columnist (and WRKO radio host) seems to think "breaking a glass ceiling" is a bad thing. Read more »

Name It. Change It. Condemns 50 Shades of Grey Question Posed to Women Running For Senate

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 10/19/2012

The Name It. Change It. Project condemns the use of a sexually-tinged question posed to women running for New York’s Senate seat  Read more »

Australian PM Calls out Sexism; Sets Example for US Politicians

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 10/18/2012

Australia’s first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has been the target of sexist remarks throughout much of her public career. Things finally reached a boiling point last week when she called out the Leader of the Opposition Party, Tony Abbott, for his sexist and misogynistic stances. Read more »

50 Shades of Irrelevance

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 10/18/2012

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and GOP challenger Wendy Long came ready to defend their respective platform in the race’s only debate on Wednesday, until they were asked by the moderator, “Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey?”  Read more »

Media Twist Academic Study to Fit Sexist Frame

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 10/10/2012

There are a record number of women running for office in 2012, and yet a tiny study from UCLA gets all the (wrong) headlines about women in politics. Read more »

Columnist Asks: Is Linda McMahon Anti-Women Or Not A Woman?

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 10/05/2012

Calling a candidate "anti-woman" because of her politics isn't sexist but saying she isn't a woman is. Read more »

Media’s Use of “Pocahontas” and “Squaw” In Brown-Warren Election is Deeply Offensive

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/27/2012

Debra Merskin, a professor at the University of Oregon, breaks down the deeply sexist and racist nature of the terms "Pocohontas" and "squaw" which have been repeatedly used against Elizabeth Warren. Read more »

Media To Women Candidates: Be Nice!

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/25/2012

Funny how three separate female candidates for the Senate debate get basically the same advice from media pundits: Be nice! Read more »

Warren’s Makeover: The Real Debate

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/21/2012

Elizabeth Warren vs Elizabeth Warren’s looks was apparently the second most discussed topic surrounding the Massachusetts Senate race this week. Read more »

Daily Caller is on the Fashion Beat!

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/19/2012

Once again a media outlet feels the need to spell out that female candidate both wore clothes. Read more »

Boston Herald Apologizes (Ish) to Secretary Hillary Clinton

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/17/2012

In the Boston Herald, writer Margery Eagan writes what she terms as “an apology” to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in response to Secretary Clinton’s handling of the Libyan crisis. Read more »

Name It. Change It. Talks to WaPo’s Erik Wemple

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/12/2012

A couple of days ago Washington Post's Erik Wemple started tweeting about men's appearance on TV. We asked him what's up with that? Read more »

Howie Carr v. Pink Cardigan

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 09/11/2012

Surprise! Deplorable things directed at a woman came out of Howie Carr’s mouth.  Read more »

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