Buono, Imma Let You Finish, But Chris Matthews Is The Rudest Host Of All Time


Critics keep saying that Barbara Buono doesn’t have enough name recognition. But that could certainly change if more mainstream media outlets started to treat her like an actual candidate for New Jersey Governor instead of a naïve little girl.

During an appearance on Chris Matthews’ Hardball, Buono barely had a chance to say anything at all, let alone promote herself in her race against Chris Christie. In what seemed like a record display of sexist interruption and mansplaining, Matthews interrupted State Senator Buono a total of 14 times in her brief five minute appearance on the show—mostly to ask the same question: “But do you really think you can beat Christie?” But don’t take our word for it. Check out Matthews performance for yourself. 

Ok, so that’s bad enough…right? But it gets worse. Before the show began, Matthews actually asked Buono, “Can I say that you’re attractive?” To this, the candidate quickly replied, “No, you can’t.” He also informed her off air that she was “nice” and that he was “being tough on her.” Poor little thing, how could she possibly handle big, bad Chris Matthews being “tough” on her? If being “tough” means being obnoxious, sexist, and rude on your show then yes, you were indeed quite tough on Buono.

The real questions Matthews could have asked Buono—and actually given her a moment to respond to—would be on such issues as: her position as the first woman majority leader of the New Jersey State Senate, the town hall-style meetings she’s been holding in taverns and community centers across her district, her unwavering commitment to not cutting early education budgets (as suggested by her opponent), or her 20+ successful years in public service. The reality is this: Chris Matthews did not ask Buono the questions he would have asked Chris Christie had he been sitting in the chair across from him instead. He did not give Buono the amount of time he would have given Chris Christie to respond to his questions. He did not do either of these things because Barbara Buono is a woman—plain and simple.


Published by Kate McCarthy on 05/03/2013

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