Columnist Asks: Is Linda McMahon Anti-Women Or Not A Woman?

When Connecticut Senate candidate Linda McMahon’s opponent accused her of being anti-woman, she responded by saying that she is a woman. But a columnist for Bloomberg took the debate about McMahon’s background down to a question about her gender.

Columnist Margaret Carlson raised an editorial eyebrow at McMahon’s “I am a woman” statement writing:

So it’s a dead heat on who’s the bigger deadbeat. On other issues, both favor tax cuts for the middle class and both are pro-choice, although McMahon would not require private insurers to cover contraception. In case women took that badly, in a recent she declares, “I am a woman.” I suppose, if you saw those now-scrubbed-from-the-Web WWE videos, you might still wonder.

McMahon’s experience running the WWE is an issue before voters but taking a cheap shot at a candidate’s gender is childish, sexist and unacceptable.

We here at Name It. Change It. know McMahon is a woman because the media spends time describing her clothing. The point being, the same sexist media scrutiny that is applied to Elizabeth Warren’s race also is seen in Linda McMahon’s, which is why we always point out that sexism hurts all women. 


Published by Kate McCarthy on 10/05/2012

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