Daily Caller Asks Who’s Hotter: Janet Yellen or Miley Cyrus?

When President Obama announced that he was nominating economist and vice chair Janet Yellen as the new head of the Federal Reserve, media outlets made many comparisons between her and better known figures. But The Daily Caller brought media coverage to a new low with their inappropriate, confusing and offensive comparison: a slideshow compiled by Jordan Demcher entitled “Who’s hotter: Janet Yellen or Miley Cyrus?”

Wondering what the women who’s been described as the most qualified Fed chair ever might have in common with a former child star known for her attempts at twerking? According to The Daily Caller, Yellen and Miley are connected by their ability to polarize. They write, “You don’t get to the top of the game without being a wrecking ball and pissing some people off, and these two hotties are living examples of that.”

Haha, get the joke? Because Yellen is 67 and that makes it a totally witty thing to call her a hottie! Yeah maybe she’s about to be become one of the most important people in the country — as The Washington Post explains, the Fed “decide[s] how much money there should be in the economy — too much, and there will be inflation; too little, and there will be high unemployment” … but look at how old and ugly she is!

The Daily Caller wants us to find Yellen — who’s about to become one of the most influential people in the world —silly, gross and strange – like Miley Cyrus’ last performance at the VMAs. (Bonus insult, Demcher gets to be all-judgey on the young female pop star.)

Shockingly, The Daily Caller didn’t create a slideshows comparing current Fed chair Ben Bernanke and Justin Bieber, because Bernanke’s looks and age are irrelevant to his job performance. What a strange concept.

Let’s just spell it out: The Daily Caller doesn’t like Janet Yellen. But what they don’t like is her politics. Fine. If The Daily Caller disagrees with Janet Yellen’s political views, they have every right to make that case. Instead, they chose cheap and repulsive attacks, dragging down political discussion and exhibiting their sexism at the same time. 


Published by Victoria Edel on 10/11/2013

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