Episode II: Return of the Sexist

There’s no better feeling than seeing someone realize the error of his ways. There’s also no one less inclined to give us that feeling than Erick Erickson. The Fox News contributor snagged our attention yesterday, calling Texas State Senator Wendy Davis “Abortion Barbie.” Naturally, we felt it pretty critical to address how wildly sexist that little nickname is. In return, Erickson felt it equally critical that he double down on that sexism.

Erickson responded to what he called “a tizzy on Twitter” from “the left,” because obviously only liberal-leaning folks have a problem with sexist name-calling. We were wrong, he said, to take issue with his comment, because he couldn’t have been more right. Abortion Barbie “fits her perfectly,” which is surprising news. We hadn’t realized Erickson was brought on as a branding specialist for Davis’ campaign! That must be why Erickson thinks it’s up to him to tell the world who Wendy Davis is. If she could do it herself, he wouldn’t need to, right?

Erickson also reminds us that he’s not the first to call a female politician “Barbie.” Back in 2008, Sarah Palin was dubbed Caribou Barbie, a tactic used to call her qualifications into question. Because Caribou Barbie came from “our side,” the leftist pitchfork-wavers Erickson imagines anti-sexists to be, he argues there’s no basis for outrage over Abortion Barbie. There’s only one problem with that: Caribou Barbie wasn’t okay either. By any stretch. The very first sentence on our website is “When you attack one woman, you attack all women.” It’s not okay to degrade someone you disagree with, whether that’s Sarah Palin or Wendy Davis.

Besides, Mr. Erickson, two wrongs don’t make you right. And they don’t cancel out sexism.


Published by Katie Hegarty on 08/07/2013

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