Howie Carr v. Pink Cardigan

Surprise! Deplorable things directed at a woman came out of Howie Carr’s mouth. 

When U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., was asked by a passerby to sign a Native-American cookbook, the radio-host’s website took the event as an opportunity to lambaste Warren with positively sexist (and not to mention racist) insults.

First off, Carr (or a writer for his show’s website) dusted off his favorite sexist moniker for Warren, (“Granny Warren.” Ha! Get it?...because she’s over 50. And she’s a woman.). But the commentary got especially sexist when he started attacking her wardrobe.

How often does Fauxchahontas wear that pink-red thing she’s got on? At least every other day. Granny, you’re a one-percenter, surely you can afford to buy some new clothes.

The sheer misogyny (and cultural insensitivity) of these statements is so astounding that it’s difficult to even know where to begin.

Carr’s comments sadly represent a completely unfair expectation of female candidates’ appearances. They are judged not by the policies or legislation that they advocate, but instead for completely irrelevant and objectifying aspects of their appearance—like their hair, makeup, or clothes. This is a scrutiny rarely encountered by male candidates who, incidentally, probably do not wear a new suit every single day.

That’s really damn sexist.


Published by Kate McCarthy on 09/11/2012

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