Paladino Calls Senator Gillibrand “Schumer’s Little Girl”

Yesterday, NY gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino literally infantilized Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, calling her "Schumer's little girl." Today, instead of backing down, he reiterated it:

“She follows him [Schumer] whatever he wants her to do. She is his little girl.”

Given his record of sending out emails depicting bestiality and making homophobic comments, it's not surprising that Paladino has made a deeply offensive remark.  Yet such dismissive, sexist language about a woman candidate -- and his repetition of it -- is a deplorable low. Name It. Change It. cannot say it better than Senator Gillibrand did in her response: "His divisive behavior and name calling is offensive to women and unacceptable in any circumstance." 

Women politicians must be treated as seriously as male candidates.  Such childish name-calling should only prove that Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is the adult in this exchange.

UPDATE: Kristin Carlson, a WCAX reporter, has since pressed Paladino on his sexist remarks.  In response, Paladino denied that calling Gillibrand a "little girl" was sexist, and asked, “Are we going to talk issues, or am I leaving you right now?” before walking out of the interview.

Published by Kate McCarthy on 10/29/2010

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