SEVERE MISOGYNY:  HuffPo and Mediaite Promote “My Girl’s a Republican” Video

Both The Huffington Post and Mediaite chose to give a platform to misogyny under the guise of comedy when they not only published but proudly promoted the shockingly sexist video “My Girl’s a Republican” by comedic rap duo It’s the Real.

The Huffington Post introduced the video Tuesday as a “creatively-done” tribute that “does a pretty solid job of both mocking and admiring right-wing conservatives.” The two media outlets heaped on the praise, calling it “hilarious,” “catchy,” “entertaining,” and sure to “keep you dancing all the way to voting booth.” Let’s see just what they found so hilarious.

The song is about what the supposedly finer points of dating a Republican woman are, and features revolving paper cutouts of words and pictures, including a series of images of women shown with black-out bars over their eyes. In some tasteless abortion humor, It’s the Real raps, “We’ll be together forever, no ifs or even maybes. She’s anti-abortion, so she’ll never dump a baby” as pictures of trash cans are shown. It’s the Real goes on to describe the Republican girl by referencing menstruation, saying, “She’s red, period, such a bloody mess.” They even sink low enough to make repulsive oral sex jokes: “She’s my filibuster baby, I fill and bust her mouth. When she’s not in bed with lobbyists, or sleeping on the couch."

Oh wait, there’s more. There are more Sarah Palin references: “So go ahead and bend it over like an earmark, tip drill baby drill,” and “I call her Bristol Palin ‘cause we never use a rubber” accompanied by an image of a pregnant woman in front of a church.  There is the inevitable Christine O’Donnell joke: “She says she’s not a witch, but she’s got the eye of Newt, playing games with my heart, two lies one truth.” Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is pictured in a party hat, along with the line, “She’s with the party of ‘no’ but she don’t want to stop.” There is even a domestic violence reference with this gem: “I beat her black and blue, but my lady leans red. I want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed.”

The Culture and Media Institute rightly proclaimed that “even the most liberal among us could agree that the attack on Republican women is downright revolting.” In re-posting CMI’s article on the Live Journal Oh No They Didn’t (ONTD), user Madame Bluetooth commented, “I don't care if you hate these female politicians and their ideas. They don't deserve sexism and rape culture disguised as political parody.” We couldn’t agree more. Shame on you, Huffington Post and Mediaite, for promoting this disgusting anti-woman language and calling it funny and creative. Not only is this adding to a toxic media climate for female politicians on both sides of the aisle, it is contributing to an overall culture of misogyny in which it’s humorous to talk about sexualized violence against women.

Ironically, Arianna Huffington took to this weekend’s “Rally to Restore Sanity” to call out the media on its turn away from civility, shining a “magnifying glass” on a media culture gone awry. We encourage The Huffington Post and Mediaite to heed this lesson and turn the magnifying glass inward – media outlets must be responsible for what they promote as “humor,” and misogyny is just not funny. 

Published by Kate McCarthy on 11/04/2010

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