Washington Post Makes Barbara Buono’s Hair, Shoes & Clothes News

We think men’s shoes are just as relevant to their political biographies.

Another day, another reporter who finds minor details about a female candidate’s appearance to be newsworthy details to include in their story. This time it’s Washington Post’s Jason Horowitz who includes these details in his story about New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono:

“Buono made her own entrance, to less fanfare, and mingled with some of the attendees. She wore a tailored white pantsuit, black-and-white heels and her hair in the Nancy Pelosi fashion.”

We’re pretty sure Buono wore her hair in the BARBARA BUONO FASHION actually. For all the speculation that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie gets his share of appearance-based media coverage, we’ve yet to read that he wore his hair in the “Mitt Romney-fashion” or that his shoes were brown and black loafers—which we totally think he could pull off. 


Published by Kate McCarthy on 07/01/2013

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