WCF President Sam Bennett on C-SPAN

WCF President/CEO Sam Bennett recently appeared on C-SPAN's The Washington Journal with Robb Harrleston to discuss the Name It. Change It. Campaign and the 2010 mid-term elections.  Bennett emphasized the importance of eliminating sexism against all women by noting the destructive effects that sexist remarks can have on female candidates. She said,

"We have to come out in outrage when comments like this are made-- irrespective of the party, irrespective of the situation-- because what we have to do... is denormalize these types of comments. No candidate -- male or female-- deserves to be on national television being referred to in a sexually explicit way." 

Bennett also highlighted the lack of US women in elected office by referencing that, "Cuba and Afghanistan have more women in their national legislatures than we do." In fact, the US ranks 90th in the world for the number of women elected to public office.

Watch the video here.

Published by Kate McCarthy on 10/12/2010

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