Shame On Allen West

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/21/2011

Congressman Allen West (FL-22) brought sexism to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives earlier this week by embarking on a sexist e-mail tirade lambasting Congresswoman and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-20) Read more »

Bill Maher Wants Palin and Bachmann To “Split MILF Vote” in 2012

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/13/2011

Appearing in an interview on CNN, comedian Bill Maher suggested that he would like former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to enter the 2012 Presidential race in order to "split the MILF vote" with Minnesota Congresswomen Michele Bachmann. Read more »


Posted by Kate McCarthy on 07/08/2011

A senior aide to former Governor Tim Pawlenty credits the success of Congresswoman and Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann (MN-06) to "sex appeal." Read more »

Misogynist Racist Attack Ad Launches Against Female Candidate in California

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 06/15/2011

This morning, the Name It. Change It. campaign became aware of a disgusting campaign ad circulating on YouTube targeting Democratic female candidate Janice Hahn—one that EMILY’s List Political Director Jonathan Parker calls “the most offensive, racist, sexist ad I’ve seen in all my years in politics.” In less than a month, Hahn faces tea partier Craig Huey in the special election in California’s 36th district. Read more »

The New Republic compares “sexual charisma” of Republican Women Candidates

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 06/14/2011

The New Republic's John Judis wrote today: "Bachmann likes to play up her role as a rightwing gadfly in the Republican congress, but she lacks Palin’s charm and sexual charisma."  Read more »

WaPo & Anna Holmes Call out Trump’s Sexism

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 05/04/2011

Anna Holmes, founder of Jezebel, recently became a columnist for Washington Post's Style section. We love that she dedicated her first column to an expose a history of Donald Trump's sexist and misogynist views and actions, because we know that if he's really intending to run for President, we'll see a whole lot of sexist coverage we're geared up to fight. And why is this important politically? Holmes explains: "These ideas about women have explicitly political implications as well, echoing the ideology at the core of the antiabortion movement’s recently heightened assault on women’s reproductive rights, which found expression in the near-shutdown of the government over contraception, STD testing and the specter of pregnancy termination. The message is clear: Women can’t be trusted to define, or control, their own bodies, so it’s up to men to do it for them."  Read more »

Sexism has no Place in Libya’s Democracy, or Ours

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 03/24/2011

As more and more women hold international leadership positions, it's clear that gender stereotypes just aren't holding up. Women do bring up new perspectives on issues and alternate solutions to such crises, but this isn't about men vs. women. Read more »

Jezebel Calls out Media Sexism in Libyan Crisis

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 03/22/2011

Thanks to Jezebel for this great compilation of sexist quotes regarding how Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama are handling the crisis in Libya.  Read more »

Bill Maher calls Sarah Palin a “Dumb T*at”

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 03/21/2011

Maher should be able to find enough fodder to criticize Sarah Palin’s views without resorting to an attack based on her gender that actually attacks all women. Read more »

REALLY DAMN SEXIST: Student Run Newspaper Attacks Female Student Government Officer

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 02/24/2011

Sexist attacks against women aren’t only confined to public candidates. It seems that women engaging in student governments are falling victim to baseless sexist attacks from their peers which can be more aggressive, if not criminal.  Read more »

REALLY DAMN SEXIST: Tracy Morgan and Kenny Smith Objectify Sarah Palin

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 01/28/2011

The objectification of female politicians is no laughing matter, yet comedians and anchors alike continue to seek cheap laughs by reducing women to mere fuel for men’s fetishes.We need not only to condemn Morgan’s sexist comment but also point out how Smith’s more subtle, under-the-radar objectification led to Morgan’s response. Read more »

JUST PLAIN SEXIST: Children Only Affect Women Candidates?

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 01/17/2011

The always astute & funny bloggers at Jezebel caught this article in the Dallas Morning News, in which the writer said potential mayoral candidate Angela Hunt might not be able to run a very "aggressive" campaign because of her "new family." Read the post that originally ran on Jezebel below. Read more »

From Women’s Media Center: Gifford’s Tragedy: What’s the Message to Young Women?

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 01/10/2011

When an angry young man aimed his semiautomatic handgun at Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in a Tucson Safeway store on Saturday, he didn’t just critically wound her and kill or wound 19 others. He fired a shot through the heart of American democracy. It will fall to rising leaders like Giffords—and girls like nine-year-old Christina Green, killed by the assailant’s gunfire just days after she was elected to her school’s student council—to transform our political community to one where differences can be debated safely and policies decided without fear for anything but re-election prospects. Read more »

RIGHT ON: Pelosi belongs on the cover

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 01/06/2011

Despite Nancy Pelosi being the first woman House Majority Leader (not to mention incredibly successful - Repeal of DADT, health care, ethics, & finance reform), she didn't make the covers of Time, Newsweek, or the New Yorker during her inauguration like her successor, John Boehner did. Ms. Magazine, however, prominently celebrates her successes and explains why she's not going away. Read the blog post here, and pick up your winter issue of Ms. to read the whole article: Read more »

REALLY DAMN SEXIST: Glenn Beck’s Buddy Rants on Pelosi

Posted by support on 12/21/2010

Filling in for perpetually sexist Glenn Beck, radio talking head Pat Gray ranted about Nancy Pelosi’s face on The Glenn Beck Program last week. Gray made the very logical leap from tax bills to cosmetic surgery, yelling out at Pelosi, “You’re just a flat out liar whose face doesn’t move because you’ve had so much work done on it!”  Read more »

For Crying Out Loud! Boehner’s Tears Provoke Double Standard Debate

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 12/15/2010

We should all thank House Speaker-elect John Boehner for crying because his interview on 60 Minutes has ignited debate over a sexist double standard in politics.  Read more »

MUST WATCH: Miss Representation Chosen for Sundance Film Festival

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 12/10/2010

Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s new documentary, Miss Representation, has been selected to take part in the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. The film, which addresses underrepresentation of women in public office, casts a spotlight on the effects and implications of sexism against women in media. As the film conveys, it will take another 500 years for women to achieve political parity if progress continues at the current rate. Name It. Change It. finds this statistic not only appalling, but grossly unacceptable, and applauds Siebel Newsom for the release of this important film. Read more »

Women’s Media Center Remembers Elizabeth Edwards through the photographs of Jenny Warburg

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 12/09/2010

The Board & Staff of the Women’s Media Center mourn the loss of an inspirational leader, the courageous Elizabeth Edwards.View the exclusive photographs by photographer Jenny Warburg.  Read more »

Julie Burton and Barbara Lee address “Manning Up” on Politico

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 12/08/2010

Joe Scarborough’s recent opinion column, “Joe Scarborough tells GOP to man up and confront Sarah Palin,” (POLITICO, Nov. 30) recycles the tired sexism of the 2010 election cycle. Scarborough’s premise is nothing new — we heard repeated demands to “man up” this year, coming from Palin herself and also from Sharron Angle to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). But the concept remains problematic, especially for female candidates. Read more here: Read more »

Really Damn Sexist: Rush Limbaugh on Democratic Congresswomen (AGAIN!)

Posted by Kate McCarthy on 12/02/2010

Limbaugh insults all women by implying that Democratic Congresswomen are so ugly and mannish they could use the men's restroom (since there's no women's restroom close to the chamber rooms). Sigh, more of the same sexist garbage. Listen below: Read more »

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